Noomi Rapace Lines Up The Secrets We Keep

Noomi Rapace (Millenium) is confirmed for post WWII thriller The Secrets We Keep, directed by Yuval Adler (Bethlehem), with Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) in talks to co-star.

Maya (Noomi Rapace) and her husband are rebuilding their lives in New York after World War II when they encounter an eerily familiar man (Joel Kinnaman). Then, things begin to unravel as they begin to wonder if he could have been one of their chief tormentors while held at a concentration camp in Birkenau.

Producer, Greg Shapiro, told Variety: “The Secrets We Keep is that rare kind of thriller that is equal parts shocking and cathartic. The kind of film that will demand attention. (We) are so thrilled to be working with the entire creative team that has been assembled for this unique and exciting project.”

The Secrets We Keep, written by Ryan Covington, is expected to go into production early next year.