Nordic Screenplay Prize Nominees 2022

The nominees have been revealed for the 6th Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize, which recognises outstanding writing in television drama. The five contenders are: The Shift (Denmark), Transport (Finland), Blackport (Iceland), Countrymen (Norway) and Vi i villa (Sweden).

Liselott Forsman, CEO at Nordisk Film & TV Fond said: “Good scripts form the basis of our strong Nordic drama series. Writing talents should be cherished every day and celebrated through script honours and awards… This year’s five finalists skilfully communicate significant themes in an inspiring way, through both comedy and social issue drama genres and also through combinations of the two.”

The NOK 200,000 (€20,000) prize, which was won by Maja Jul Larsen for Cry Wolf (Ulven kommer) last year, will be announced on 2nd February during the TV Drama Vision sidebar of the 45th Göteborg Film Festival (28th January – 6th February).

The Shift | Det største
Written by Lone Scherfig
An emotional, contemporary workplace drama set in a maternity ward: a special, almost secret arena, where the vast majority of us spend the most crucial hours of our lives. Throughout a busy and stressful workday, they experience their biggest conflicts and most heartfelt joys, while striving to meet sky-high professional and personal standards.

Written by Auli Mantila
A journalist wants to trace a microchip found in baby food. Her enquiries lead her to the illicit horse trade in Europe. A bank manager makes a mistake. When she fails to cover it up, she falls prey to something bigger. A border control veterinarian goes missing. An insurance investigator wants to know what happened. Transport is a story about ordinary people who all have vested interests.

Blackport | Verbúðin
Written by: Gísli Örn Gardarsson, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Mikael Torfason
Inspired by true events, Blackport opens in the early 1980s when the fishing industry was booming in Iceland and follows a young married couple who build a small fishing empire in a village along with a group of friends, but see their livelihoods threatened when the government starts enforcing restrictive fishing quotas.and dramatically changed the political landscape in Iceland, creating the countries first billionaires.

Countrymen | Jordbrukerne
Written by: Izer Aliu, Anne Bjørnstad
The story of four men with dubious plans who move to a farm in the Telemark countryside and, more or less against their will, end up founding Norway’s first halal cheesemaking business. It’s a story about community and belonging, and about finding meaning in your life where you least expect it.

Vi i villa
Written by: Tove Eriksen Hillblom
Couple dinners with endless talk of pointless home renovations. Quality time and a shared family calendar. Anders’ dreams are long gone and he’s sick of trying to fit into an existence he loathes. So when he discovers that his daughter is being ostracized at school, he has had enough. Desperately yearning for change, he starts to harass his neighbours.