Norskov – Season 1


Norskov is a city that is fighting for its future. The city’s young people live from party to party, and drug consumption is increasing. Policeman Tom Noack comes home after 20 years to lead the cleanup of the city streets. This job quickly becomes personal when his childhood sweetheart, Diana, and her son come to the attention of the police.

Tragedy brings Tom closer to Bondy, but Oliver is unapproachable. Martin’s project is at risk, while Tom’s investigation reveals a notorious drug dealer was in Norskov and since the cocaine in town is uncut Tom sees a connection.

Oliver is having a hard time keeping it together, but Tom is committed to him. Thanks to Bondy, Martin’s harbour project is back on track, and Martin repays the help. Tom’s investigation reveals that a possible subject has moved to town.

Tom knows about Martins secret, which puts him in a difficult situation. Jackie and Martin’s marriage might be at stake, as the Minister for Education visits to green-light Martin’s project. Tom’s surveillance reveals that the case may reach much farther than first believed.

Tom and his team have a month to find the perpetrators of the cocaine smuggling. During the investigation Tom must navigate the people he has loved and worked with. The balancing act is getting harder and harder because everyone is hiding something, and Tom has secrets of his own.

Tom and the team begin to doubt whether they are on the right track in the investigation and they have a nagging feeling that they have suspected the wrong party for cocaine smuggling.

Oliver’s uncle decides to take care of Oliver and his future. Martin faces challenges both at home and at work, and the new plans for the climate harbor are in danger.

Martin must ask the farmer for help which Jackie strongly disapproves of. Tom and his team begin to associate people, places and times together, and the suspects begin to stir.

Tom and his team are now completely sure that it is cocaine on its way, and they work against the clock to find possible hiding places. Oliver’s theory about Diana’s death becomes stronger, and he approaches Tom with his thoughts.

Tom and his team prepare to capture the suspects. Now they just have to wait.