Norskov Season 2 Begins Filming Next Month

TV2 have confirmed that funding is now in place for a second season of Norskov, which begins filming March 28th and is expected to air this autumn.

In Norskov, we follow police officer Tom Noack (Thomas Levin) who returns to the city he left almost 20 years ago to clean up the streets from drugs. The city is raw and unsentimental, and the financial crisis has left its mark, but there is still a lot of community spirit and empowerment.

In season one, Tom’s brother, Martin, is the mayor of Norskov and is in charge of a large-scale port project. However, when a young girl is found unconscious the scandal threatens to stand in the way of the mayor’s plans.

The case quickly becomes personal when Tom’s childhood sweetheart Diana and her son, Oliver, come under the spotlight. As Tom expands the investigation, it turns out that he might be on the trail of a major trafficking ring.

Producer Lars Bjørn of SF Studios Production Denmark said of season two: “The cast is finalised. Locations in Frederikshavn are finalised. We are still working on the script, but it will also be finalised soon.”