Norskov – Season 2


Bonden’s construction company goes bankrupt when he is sentenced to 14 years for drugs, but his Serbian-born wife Claudia is not ready to lose everything. In an attempt to secure her daughter’s future, Claudia comes across Martin and his plans to strengthen Norskov’s green credentials. Tom has to live with the fact that he has put his childhood friend behind bars, but Claudia is not going to forgive him. Oliver suffers a concussion that puts an end to his dream becoming a professional hockey player. He tries to hide his pain with drugs, but he can’t let go of the past.

There are rumours that Oliver’s grandfather might actually be his father and lets Klemme and Simone talk him into burglary. Jackie reaches her limit with him when she finds his illegal pills. Claudia is called into the police station for questioning, and Tom and Brammer investigate the increasing number of burglaries. Bondesen Byg has lost all its customers, but Claudia refuses to give up and comes up with a plan to save the company.

Martin is challenged – both at home and at work. Oliver has ordered a DNA test, but Martin thinks it is unnecessary and is also afraid of the answer. While Jackie is on a business trip, Martin tries to strengthen his relationship with Oliver and engage him in the green plans for the port. The conflict with the fishermen escalates when Martin finds half a ton of fish waste in front of Waves Energy, and things take a turn when Claudia allies with the fishery chairman, HC.

Things are looking up for Bondesen Byg, while Martin’s plans faulter. Jackie is weighed down by Martin’s downturn and the loss of Oliver, who is proving successful in his criminal enterprise. He has an experienced mentor in his big brother Bonden, but Bonden also has his own plans for which he wants Oliver to play a part. Tom is still trying to build bridges with Claudia, but does he know what he’s doing?

Tom is in love and his new condition does not go unnoticed at the police station. Tom and the team make a breakthrough with the burglaries, but as the case gets personal for Tom, a new dilemma arises. Jackie is struggling with a personal crisis, and Martin throws everything into the fight for Waves Energy. Bonden has plans for his and his family’s future, and Oliver has become a faithful helper. But when Bonden finds that Claudia is slipping away from him, he must intervene.

To celebrate Bonden’s birthday, the prisoners have arranged a small party. Oliver plays an important role in Bonden’s escape plans, and they are heading to Argentina together. But they have not told Claudia that she and Lucia are to join them. Tom has broken up with Claudia because of his friendship with Bonden, but there are still strong feelings between them. As Bonden’s escape takes a dramatic turn, everyone comes under pressure.