Norway’s Rekyl Crime Drama Inspired By Real Events

Norway’s TV3 has announced that new thriller Rekyl, inspired by real events in the Oslo criminal underworld, will form part of its Spring 2018 line-up.

Inspired by the 2004 NOKAS robbery and the 2013 Cappelen money laundering case, Rekyl follows a gang of criminals who believe that the police took off with the money and drugs haul from a raid which left one of the gang dead and the rest behind bars.

Upon his release, Robin (Odin Waage) tries to become a law-abiding citizen, but his brother’s murder hangs over him. He decides to prove that the police are corrupt, get the money back and clear a massive debt owed to a deadly syndicate.

Kristine Berg, who co-created the series with Arne Berggren, told VG: “We are fascinated by criminals and their psychology. Which side of the law are they on, and is it so easy to define? Is there a clear division, or is there a grey area?”

The cast also includes: Silje Torp, Petronella Barker, Inga Ibsdottir Lillaas, Jesper Malm, Duc Mai-The and Kyrre Hellum.