Norway’s TV2 To Move Hotel Caesar Online For 2017

Norway’s longest running soap Hotel Caesar has been showing on TV2 for nearly 18 years, but from 2017 it will become available only on the TV2 Sumo streaming service.

Christopher Haug, Head Of Drama for TV2 said in a statement: “TV2 has ordered 50 new episodes of Hotel Caesar and also decided to move its beloved drama from linear TV to TV 2 Sumo.”

“It is by no means the beginning of the end. We see that viewing patterns have changed, and that viewership has fallen on linear television.”

“Hotel Caesar still has more 100,000 viewers, and many have already moved over to Sumo. We see this as a continuation – something fresh and innovative.”

“Some may react a bit to the headlines, but might forget what is positive, that TV2 has ordered new episodes of Hotel Caesar.”

“We have done this to give linear viewers something new, and to make the schedule flow better. Meanwhile, we are focussing on Hotel Caesar to give Sumo users an even better choice.”