Norwegian Drama Nobel To Be Shown In 200 Countries

Aftenposten reports that NRK thriller Nobel will be shown on Netflix in 200 countries following a deal with international rights distributor DRG.

In Nobel, just 24 hours after returning home to Oslo from a tour of Afghanistan, Erling Riser is given orders to kill an Afghan man on the street. When he discovers the orders were not sent by the Head of Intelligence he must find out who is sending them and why he is being used as a hitman.

Producer Hakon Briseid says that Nobel has been sold to Canal Plus in France, and national broadcasters in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. But that’s not all…

“Screen rights for the rest of the world have been bought by a big company. It ensures that viewers across the globe will get to see our series, and in its original language,” he says.

Whilst the name of the company could not be disclosed at the time for contractual reasons, it was later revealed to be Netflix which means that viewers in almost 200 countries would have access to Nobel.