NRK Rejects Proposal For Mammon Season Three

Mammon series creators Vegard and Gjermund Stenberg Eriksen have outlined a third season of the Emmy award winning thriller, but have yet to secure a broadcaster after NRK reluctantly rejected their proposal.

Head of television for NRK, Arne Helsingen, explained to Dagbladet that they can only produce two or three major series per year, so have passed on a third season of Mammon, but it remains to be seen whether the International Emmy win for Best Drama will prompt a change of heart:

“It’s hard to say now, the following day. We have many good projects in development and production. We never say no to projects for the future. But when we had this up for review last year, we went with other shows… We are a small country with limited resources, so there is always a limit to what we can move on and what new shows we can make.”

“I have followed the focus on Mammon season one and two, and how Gjermund and Vegard brought something new to the Norwegian market… All credit to them, the actors and everyone who was involved.”