Nymphs | Nymfit – Season 1


IMDB: 2.4 out of 5 stars
2013. Starring: Sara Soulié, Rebecca Viitala, Manuela Bosco.

1. Full Moon
On the night of a full moon, Didi makes love for the first time with her boyfriend Johannes, who then dies in her arms. The next day, Didi meets two women, Kati and Nadia. They reveal that she is a nymph, and warn her that she must quickly learn new rules and beware of Satyrs who have chased their kind since the dawn of time.

2. Honey Bees
In order to have a normal life, Didi, Kati and Nadia have a rule: never fall in love. However, Didi falls in love with Samuel, so Kati decides to intervene in their budding relationship. Meanwhile, the death of Johannes has reached the ears of satyr Erik Mann, who starts organising a nymph hunt.

3. The Knot
Where does Didi come from, who are her real parents, and why does she have a tattoo of a knot?

4. Quid Pro Quo
Samuel is in hospital after fainting again while kissing Didi. He does not remember much – it seems like his memory is erased every time he faints. It’s time for Kati to get rid of him, now he is a liability.

5. The Escape
Didi takes classes at the university. But when a course on the history of art makes her uncomfortable, she runs away.

6. The Cure
Didi’s mother, Elina, is killed by a satyr. Before she dies, she asks Didi to burn everything. Didi burns the house down and catches a plane back. Kati’s strategy is to attack Erik Mann before he finds Didi, but she’ll need all her skills and everyone’s help.

7. Symptoms
Didi doesn’t want to kill men so she takes hormone medication to get her through the full moon. But she suffers mood swings and soon becomes aggressive with everyone.

8. The Legend Od Montpellier
Nadia believes that Didi is the Knot Nymph of lore who can lead them all to freedom. However, Nadia explains to Didi that for the prophecy to take place on the day of the eclipse, Didi must die and then the bees will be resurrected. Erik Mann says that it is just a bedtime story for nymphs.

9. The Golden Cage
Didi is kidnapped by Erik, who holds her hostage in a remote cabin in Norway which he calls the Golden Cage. He believes that Didi will leave Kati, Nadia and Samuel once she has heard the truth about the legend.

10. Velanidia
Salma Van Der Haas, mistress of the family manor helps Samuel to remember his childhood.: a satyr killed his father who belonged to the family of nymph protectors, the Oaks. Erik offers Roland to Didi. He wants to die to join his wife Teresa who died of cancer. So Didi agrees to sleep with him.

11. The Luster Period
Samuel returns to see Didi, saying that she has always been part of his life and wants to stay with her. Kati is concerned that Didi will crack because soon it will be the Luster Period.

12. The Eclipse
The manor conservatory contains flowers, the seeds of which are kept inside a box decorated with the knot symbol. With the help of those seeds and the lunar eclipse, the legend might finally be fulfilled.