Obituary: Ann-Charlotte Alverfors

Swedish author Ann-Charlotte Alverfors has died after a long period of illness at 71 years of age.

As a housewife and new mother, Ann-Charlotte Alverfors began writing seriously at the age of 16, when she began to feel isolated. To further her development, she went on to study at Värnamo College (1968 – 1969), and then on to Jära College (1972–1974).

She became famous with the semi-autobiographical Sparvöga trilogy (1975 – 1977) about Getrud Sparvöga, who lives with her parents and grandparents. It was made into a television series in 1989, and its theme tune provided a hit for Marie Fredriksson (Roxette).

Alverfors’ last novel was Vitnäbb in 2015, about a successful and privileged couple who believe themselves to be immune from ill health, until cancer strikes.