One Night | En Natt – Season 1

Elisabeth is single and doesn’t usually go on blind dates, but a friend has twisted her arm. She agrees to meet Jonas at a pub where she can either drink a glass in relaxed company or run away if things don’t go well.

Jonas doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave and, surprisingly, he and Elisabeth have a lot to talk about. The date continues in a relaxed way until Jonas’ mobile phone rings. Who could be calling and what do they want?

Elisabeth and Jonas are engaging in small talk and everything is going well. But when they hear a couple crying nearby, they both become self-conscious.

Elisabeth argues with Jonas’ ex and draws her own conclusions. She is upset and believes that Jonas wants two women at the same time, and surely he can’t believe that’s okay!

Jonas feels that he needs to make things clear with Vilde. And he really wants to sort out the misunderstanding with Elisabeth. But will she believe him?

Elisabeth and Jonas have so much in common. It is Elisabeth’s turn to talk about her life and things are going well until they leave the pub, where an unpleasant surprise awaits.

Jonas sincerely wants to show that he has left the past behind him and sorted out his past problems. Darkness falls and they stand at a crossroads – will they continue their evening together or go their separate ways?

Elisabeth and Jonas enjoy each other’s company and take a romantic walk on the beach, where Elisabeth sees her ex. Fortunately, something good comes out the situation.

It has been a strange evening but they have both enjoyed each other’s company so much that they don’t want to spoil it. Should they part ways or continue with their evening?

Jonas accompanies Elisabeth home like a true gentleman and is happy to be in her company for a while longer. The tension between them is electric. Will Elisabeth invite him in – and how will Jonas response?