Paprika Steen Joins Cast Of Rita US Remake

Deadline reports that Paprika Steen (Below The Surface) has joined the forthcoming US remake of Rita for Showtime, as a series regular playing a guidance counsellor.

The series is set to star Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones) as Rita, a headstrong, unconventional teacher and single mother who will take on anyone who stands in her way to defend the underdog and pursue what she believes to be right.

The cast also includes Isabella Crovetti as overly ambitious student Rose, Glo Tavarez as overly enthusiastic new teacher Connie, Jade Payton as Rita’s daughter Molly, and Connor Falk as Rita’s youngest son Oliver.

Christian Torpe, writer and creator of the original Danish incarnation of Rita, will write the pilot and serve as showrunner for the US remake.