Peacemaker Dominates Golden Venla Nominees

The Finnish Television Academy has revealed its nominees for this year’s Golden Venla Awards (Kultainen Venla) which celebrates outstanding achievements in the Finnish television industry.

Leading the field with four nominations is Rauhantekijä (Peacemaker), directed by AJ Annila (The Eternal Road), about a retired peace negotiator from the crisis response team at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs who is invited by the UN to lead an international conflict resolution process in Turkey.

However, Paratiisi (The Paradise) and Sunnuntailounas (Sunday Lunch) are close behind with three nominations, while Kaikki synnit (All The Sins) and White Wall both have two.

The Golden Venla Awards are traditionally held in January but the coronavirus pandemic has prompted the Academy to postpone the event until Spring 2021, though an exact date has yet to be announced.

Paratiisi | The Paradise
Rauhantekijä | Peacemaker
White Wall

AJ Annila / Rauhantekijä | Peacemaker
Marja Pyykkö / Paratiisi | The Paradise
Aleksi Salmenperä / White Wall

Merja Aakko and Mika Ronkainen / Kaikki synnit | All The Sins
Eriikka Etholén-Paju / Rauhantekijä | Peacemaker
Atte Järvinen / Sunnuntailounas | Sunday Lunch

Taneli Mäkelä / Sunnuntailounas | Sunday Lunch
Matti Ristinen / Kaikki synnit | All The Sins
Jussi Vatanen / Huone 301 | Man In Room 301

Irina Björklund / Rauhantekijä | Peacemaker
Riitta Havukainen / Paratiisi | The Paradise
Elena Leeve / Sunnuntailounas | Sunday Lunch