Persona Non Grata Best Film At Bodil Awards

At the Folketeatret in Copenhagen on Saturday, the Danish Film Critics Association named Persona Non Grata (Hvor kragerne vender) as Best Film at the 75th Bodil Awards (Bodilprisen) with Anne Sofie Wanstrup picking up Best Supporting Actress for her role in the feature.

Persona Non Grata, directed by Lisa Jespersen, follows Laura who has distanced herself from her family in the countryside to live an artistic bohemian life as a writer in Copenhagen. She has just published a book about her miserable youth, where she writes about her former bully Catrine, but discovers that this same woman is soon to marry her brother and become part of the family.

Meanwhile, Anders Matthesen made history by becoming the first to win Best Actor for voicing an animated feature with Checkered Ninja 2, Birthe Neumann won her second Best Actress Bodil Award for her portrayal of Karen Blixen in The Pact and Lars Mikkelsen claimed his third Bodil Award with Best Supporting Actor for The Venus Effect.

Chair of the Danish Film Critics Association, Nanna Frank Rasmussen, said: “If there’s one thing we have learned from the global upheavals of recent years, it’s that there is little we can take for granted. So, there’s all the more reason to celebrate that which nothing can take from us, namely the love of film… Not even a malicious virus has robbed us of our cinematic taste buds and appetite for new experiences in cinema.”

Here are the nominees and winners of the 75th Bodil Awards…

Persona Non Grata (Hvor kragerne vender)
Margrete: Queen of the North (Margrete Den Første)
A Taste of Hunger (Smagen af sult)
Checkered Ninja 2 (Ternet Ninja 2)
The Venus Effect (Venuseffekten)

Alex Høgh Andersen for The Shadow in My Eye (Skyggen i mit øje)
Anders Matthesen for Checkered Ninja 2
Bertram Bisgaard for The Shadow in My Eye
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for A Taste of Hunger
Simon Bennebjerg for The Pact (Pagten)

Jesper Groth for Persona Non Grata
Lars Mikkelsen for The Venus Effect
Morten Hee Andersen for Margrete: Queen of the North
Søren Malling for Margrete: Queen of the North
Thomas Hwan for Persona Non Grata

Birthe Neumann for The Pact
Johanne Milland for The Venus Effect
Katrine Greis-Rosenthal for A Taste of Hunger
Rosalinde Mynster for Persona Non Grata
Trine Dyrholm for Margrete: Queen of the North

Anne Sofie Wanstrup for Persona Non Grata
Asta August for The Pact
Bodil Jørgensen for Persona Non Grata
Ester Birch for The Shadow in My Eye
Sofie Gråbøl for The Venus Effect

Anne Sofie Wanstrup, actress, for Persona Non Grata & The Venus Effect
Johanne Milland, actor, for The Venus Effect
Jesper Dalgaard, documentary director, for Kandis for livet
Lisa Jespersen, director, for Persona Non Grata
Sara Isabella Jønsson, scriptwriter, for Persona Non Grata and Miss Osaka