Peter Haber Hints At How Martin Beck Will Return

In the podcast Nemo Meets A Friend, Peter Haber has teased that, whilst Martin Beck will return to the Beck franchise, his role will differ markedly from previous films.

After last year’s Beck: The Last Day the future of the franchise seemed uncertain as Beck considered retirement. However, it has since been announced that four new Beck films are to be made, and filming has already begun.

Peter Haber told Nemo: “It starts with him (Beck) at a spa with his daughter, at leisure. Some wine tasting, a little walking… Then the phone rings and Inger says ‘Dad, you retired’.”

“He goes back, but he can’t really go back. He returns as a kind of consultant. I can’t reveal much more, but he will not be in the same position he was in before – that is to say leading a police squad. The orders will be shared out. In this case he will have one foot in… and yet, not really.”

The new Beck films will premiere on C More in 2018 and then air later on TV4.

[ Listen to the podcast in full here ]