Pia Tjelta Wins The Silver Shell At San Sebastian

On Saturday, Pia Tjelta was presented with the Silver Shell for Best Actress at the prestigious San Sebastian Film Festival in recognition of her role in Blind Spot (Blindsone), the debut feature by Tuva Novotny.

Blind Spot follows Maria (Pia Tjelta), a mother who struggles to understand the crisis her daughter is going through. In so doing, the movie highlights the grey zones in mental illness, the blind spots that are hard to discover, and in so doing places a spotlight on mental health care for Norwegian youths.

Pia Tjelta said: “I’m quite shocked that this was even possible, so I’m almost speechless. I am eternally grateful and completely overwhelmed to have received such an award among movies starring actresses I admire so much.”

“Most of all, I am eternally grateful to Tuva Novotny, who not only allowed me to do this role, but enabled me to take part in a major project related to mental health. I am just so moved and overjoyed!”

The only Norwegian actor to have won the Silver Shell prior to Pia Tjelta was Liv Ullmann in 1988 for The Girlfriend, but the notable list of previous winners includes Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Sophia Loren, Julie Christie and Paprika Steen.