Pippi Longstocking May Have Been A Habitual Drug User

Niklas Källner, best know for his work on Skavlan and Go’kväll, has posted a Youtube clip in which he examines the mental health of Pippi Longstocking (Pippi Långstrump).

Källner calls on psychologist Martin Forster to help form a diagnosis based on a list of character traits and behaviours, but does not say who he is describing:

“This person treats their animals as if they were adults, is always looking for kicks, uses firearms, and once shot some ghosts. This person thinks they can fly like an eagle and has jumped off a cliff… And has eaten a toadstool. Because you can’t drink it. This person has even eaten nails.”

Forster expresses concern for the mystery patient in his diagnosis: “A number of the behaviours that you have listed sound pretty serious. There seems to be various personality disorders, narcissistic disorder, histrionic disorder.”

“I’m a bit concerned that there may be some sort of psychosis involved, because some things sound only loosely based on reality, such as shooting at ghosts and so on.”

“It seems that this person is not entirely healthy. Another possibility is that he or she has taken drugs. Brain injury is a third option…”