Plans Emerge For Third Season Of Spring Tide

As Spring Tide (Springfloden), starring Julia Ragnarsson and Kjell Bergqvist, begins its second season on SVT, series writer Cilla Börjlind (Beck) has hinted at plans for a third season.

In season two, based loosely on the book Third Voice, Rönning and Stilton cross paths once more when a murder in Marseilles is thought to be linked to the apparent suicide of a customs official, and the ensuing investigation leads them into the cynical world of risk capital.

Whilst a third season has yet to be greenlit, Cilla Börjlind has revealed to Expressen that SVT would like to continue the series, depending on how the second is received, but feels confident because the quality of production has only grown since the series began.

Cilla, who writes Spring Tide with husband Rolf Börjlind based on their own series of books, adds: “It makes sense to use the fourth book (Sleep Little Willow) for season three because it feels thematically more current due to the issues raised regarding refugees.”

Spring Tide season two airs Sundays at 9pm on SVT in Sweden.