Pordenone Explores Golden Age Of Swedish Cinema

The 36th Pordenone Silent Film Festival (Le Giorante Del Cinema Muto) will present a retrospective of the Golden Age of Swedish cinema and its influence on other Nordic countries.

The Golden Age of Swedish cinema began in 1917 with the success of Victor Sjöström’s A Man There Was (Terje Vigen), based on the poem by Henrik Ibsen. This led to further Swedish films with artistic ambitions based on acclaimed literary works set in rural Scandinavia, and provided inspiration to film makers throughout the region.

The series of films to be shown at Pordenone, which will continue at next year’s festival, is curated by Magnus Rosborn of the Swedish Film Institute and Casper Tybjerg of Copenhagen University. This year’s selection includes: Synnöve Solbakken / A Norway Lass (John W. Brunius, 1919), Thora van Deken / A Mother’s Fight (John W. Brunius, 1920), and Vem dömer / Love’s Crucible (Victor Sjöström, 1922).

Le Giorante Del Cinema Muto runs from 30th September through until 7th October.