Post War Nursing School Drama Recruits Men

Following last year’s hit Something’s Rockin’ (Mercur), TV2 Charlie has returned to period drama with The New Nurses (Sygeplejeskolen), about the shortfall of nursing staff after WWII that forced the profession to accept men.

The six-part drama follows the first intake at a nursing school to consist of both male and female students. Together, they struggle to complete their probationary period while breaking with old fashioned mindsets perpetuated by hospital surgeon Bent Neergaard (Jens Jørn Spottag) and matron Madsen (Anette Støvelbæk).

The main protagonists are Erik (Morten Hee Andersen) and Anna (Molly Egelind) who decide to break with societal norms and pursue their dreams. Erik served in the military and now wants to make a difference, while Anna is from a wealthy family who want her to be married but she is determined to prove that she is worth more than that.

Together with their fellow nursing students Susanne (Asta Kamma August), Bjørn (Jesper Groth) and Peter (Mikkel Hilgart) they fight to convince the hospital, the family and themselves that they are made of the right stuff.

TV2 Head Of Drama, Katrine Vogelsang, said: “It’s an institution that we all share… Both when life is going well and not. But the hospital is also a warm and welcoming arena where the characters are heroes who save the lives of others. You are in good hands and in good company and so this genre is a good fit for TV2 Charlie.”

The New Nurses premieres Sunday 21st of October on TV2 Charlie.