Premiere Set For Agatha Christie’s Hjerson

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson, a playful whodunnit with a contemporary twist about the fictional detective created by Agatha Christie’s fictional writer Ariadne Oliver, is set to premiere 16th August on CMore and 24th August on TV4.

Former criminal investigator Sven Hjerson (Johan Rheborg) has solved some of the toughest cases in Swedish crime history. Now retired from the limelight, living on the fringes of society, his life mainly consists of daily routines, a vegan diet, vinyl record collecting and an unhealthy appetite for gossip. 

Meanwhile, reality show producer Klara Sandberg’s (Hanna Alström) career has come to a halt and she is desperately looking for something new. She succeeds in pitching a major TV show starring Hjerson, which could be the solution to all her problems. There is just one small problem: she has never met Hjerson.

The cast also includes David Fukamachi Regnfors, Alida Moberg, Peter Kanerva, Björn Andrésen, Evelyn Mok, Roshi Hoss, Peter Eggers, Livia Millhagen, Niklas Engdahl, Bengt Braskered, Sanna Sundqvist, Jonas Malmsjö, Shiham Surafa and Joel Spira.

Johan Rheborg said: “We have had a lot of fun during filming and it has been really interesting to step into Agatha Christie’s world. I hope that we have developed an original criminal investigator and really look forward to seeing the results.”

Agatha Christie’s Sven Hjerson comprises four feature length stories, to air as eight episodes with two episodes per week on CMore from 16th August and airing Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 24th August on TV4.