Prequel To Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters Set For C More

C More has announced that production is underway for its first Norwegian original, Headhunters, which takes its inspiration from Huvudjägarna by Jo Nesbø but is a standalone story that takes place before the novel and subsequent film adaptation.

Headhunters follows Roger Brown (Axel Bøyum), a headhunter who lies and manipulates his way to success both in his personal and professional life. But a lie leads to a lie and soon he becomes so entangled in his stories that he becomes a danger both to himself and the people around him.

The cast also includes Martin Wallström, Ingrid Gjæver, Mikkel Bratt Silset, Domenique Tipper, Ingeborg Raustøl, Ravdeep Singh Bajwa and Mads Ousdal.

Martin Wallström said: “I was completely struck by the story as soon as I saw the first draft of the script. It is incredibly well written and it has a clear tone and vision. It’s impressive how they manage to play with the genre: it’s both drama, thriller and comedy. I can’t remember when I last had so much fun at work.”

Writer and director, Geir Henning Hopeland, added: “When I was asked if I wanted to make a TV series of Headhunters, I read the novel again. I was completely hooked on the 2-3 pages where Roger meets Diana in London and then the idea was born to set the series in 2002. Headhunters will be in the spirit of Jo Nesbø, a fast moving mix of dark humour and suspense.”

Headhunters is filming now and is set to premiere on C More in 2022.