Questions Remain Over Tax Breaks For The Snowman

On October 8th, Norway announced a pot of a NOK 45 million to provide a 25% tax break for TV and film production. However, with the deadline for 2016 applications closing at midnight there are still questions as to how this will be allocated, although it does not currently seem like The Snowman has any competition.

“Only The Snowman has applied, but we have received several calls from potential applicants, so there could be a couple by the deadline on Thursday at midnight,” says Stine Helgeland, launch director for the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI).

Helgeland told Dagsavisen that the NFI has not reached an agreement as to whether the 45 million crowns should be allocated to several applicants, or whether a single applicant can walk away with entire pot. It will take six weeks to process applications, and Helgeland emphasises that The Snowman is not guaranteed to receive funds.

“The team behind The Snowman know that they have taken a risk when they have chosen to start filming before we have allocated funds,” says Helgeland. “But I can say that they have applied for a sum approximately equal to the pot.”

Truls Kontny, head of the Norwegian Film Commission, said: “It remains to be seen now how the NFI will do this, if they will give it all to the first one who applied, or whether they will allocate funds beyond.”

“It seems that The Snowman has expected to get quite a lot from this arrangement, and it creates an uncertainty for others seeking funding when the ceiling is 45 million. It is the Achilles heel of this arrangement.”

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