Real Humans | Äkta Människor – Season 1


Sweden. A new generation of robots, called “hubots”, has been created to serve humans. Whether it be domestic work or elderly care, hubots are model employees who never sleep and visually similar to humans. But some robots, known as “David’s children”, have freed themselves from the control of their masters. Amongst them is Mimi. Kidnapped by traffickers and rebels, and separated from other hubots, Mimi is sold on the black market. Lovers of the beautiful android, Leo, another child of David, goes looking for him. Meanwhile, the Engman family has a new hubot, whose memory has been erased.

A double murder has been committed in the old house where the “children of David” recharged their batteries. The police set off in search of the killers. Inger finds it difficult to accept the presence of Anita (Mimi), the new hubot, whilst money disappears from Hans’ portfolio. Roger misses Kevin, his step-son, and his hatred of hubots is growing, particularly with regard to the one that lives with his ex-wife.

Free hubots (also known as “David’s children”) take refuge in an old church, aided by Asa Rev, who is convinced that these androids are incapable of hurting humans. Meanwhile, Lennart, Inger’s father, is finding it hard to get used to his new housekeeper, Vera, and prefers Odi, his former Hubot, who he continues to keep in hiding. Dumped by his wife for a hubot, Roger tries to reconnect with his son, and his hatred towards hubots continues to grows.

Therese and Pilar are deeply humiliated when their hubot companions are not treated as being equal to humans. Meanwhile, the group led by Roger, which is fighting the rise of humanoids, which they consider a threat, begins to consider drastic measures such as violence to eliminate the next generation of robots. Bea, meanwhile, is behaving more and more strangely, and so raises questions amongst her acquaintances. How can one explain her attitude, and how does she know Niska?

Kevin has trouble accepting the fact that his mother is sleeping with Rick. Malta, Bea and Roger, who have pledged allegiance to the “Real Humans Liberation Front,” now take action to rid the world of hubots. They organize a bomb attack to advance their cause. Eva is increasingly alarmed by the guests hidden in her attic, although Asa assures her that they are trustworthy. Always in search of Mimi, Leo gets involved in the illegal trafficking of hubots and narrowly escapes death.

Leo, still weakened, continues his investigation into who Mimi was sold to. As he approaches Inger’s house, he collapses and ends up in hospital. When staff notice some irregularities, he is taken to a secret facility. Matilda begins to see the truth about Anita, if indeed that is her name. Bea is almost caught out when a colleague walks in as she is recharging.

After receiving some bad news, Roger loses his cool at work. However, is generally happy now that he is with Bea, although he does not understand why she stays locked in the toilet all night. Anita is attacked by a gang of youths who are about to rape her when Tobias passes by and chases them off. Later, one of the attackers calls Tobias to threaten him if he reports what he saw. Lennart is rejuvenated by his romance with the playful Solveig, who makes dinner for him.

Rick and Bo feel insulted when their girlfriends switch them off so that they can have a girls’ night out. Feeling hurt, they decide to take revenge. Inger interrogates Leo who explains that time is running out, and gives her a code for Mimi. Meanwhile, Bea begins to have feelings and a has a revelation.

The police finally discover the truth about the experiments conducted by David Eischer. Meanwhile, Inger Engman begins to understand Anita. Kevin, meanwhile, has had enough of Rick bullying him. He decides to leave and return to his stepfather, Roger. Leo finally finds his beloved Mimi.

Everyone wants to get the code which, if it were to fall into the wrong hands, could have disastrous consequences for humanity. Leo, though much weakened, continues to flee through subway tunnels with Mimi. Meanwhile, Tobias finds something surprising in his room.