Real Humans | Äkta Människor – Season 2


Six months have passed. A fearsome virus begins to attack the humanoid robots, turning them into a real public danger. The Engman family must check that neither Mimi nor Vera are infected. Bea is reactivated after several months in sleep state. Leaving a trail of death in her wake, she goes in search of the code that would free all of her fellow hubots. The disfigured Jonas (former owner of Hubot Market) makes Silas an offer to help build Hub Battle Land – a hunting game with hubots …

Bea continues her quest to find the code that would give human consciousness to machines. In seeking the clone of the genius David Eischer, she traces his mother. Tobias, still lovesick for Mimi, is struggling with his transhuman sexuality. The Engman family receive a box containing Lennart’s clone. Silas struggles to make a success of Hub Battle Land.

While Bea struggles to open Greta Eischer’s safe, the Engman family finally decide to switch the Lennart clone on. Florentine has revealed her secret to Douglas, which ends their relationship – but both have regrets. Inger wants to hire Mimi at her law firm, but it meets with some disapproval.

Douglas and Florentine make wedding preparations, but the father of Douglas, Claes, keeps interfering. At the Engman’s, the Lennart clone proves to be more difficult than ever – especially with Hans, who has begun to lose his patience. Betty and Matilda take Tobias to a “transhuman” party. Einar, leader of the transhuman movement reveals some surprising information to Tobias.

Bea and Cloette have finally found the clone of David, but his brain is gone. They continue their search, while Tobias and Matilda examine the code contained on the USB key. Noting the missing part, Matilda suspects that Mimi might hold this crucial information. As for Florentine, her dreams come true when she is reunited with Douglas. But she discovers that living the life of a human being is not all that she had hoped…

Therese wants to move to the Netherlands – a more “tolerant” country than Sweden regarding transhuman sexuality – and wants Kevin to accompany her. Tobias, Betty and Matilda decides to reprogram the Lennart clone with the code of David, but they could not imagine the consequences. Douglas and Florentine will have to wait three years if they want to adopt – but Florentine refuses: she wants a child immediately. At Hub Battle Land, Rick gets hold of a pistol with live ammunition.

Inger goes to get Lennart back but he’s not at the hubot centre. Rick works on building an army and starts to fight for real with customers. Jonas gets David’s brain and body and makes David works on the code for him. Mimi downloads an app from the internet for work, and begins to act strangely afterwards. Gordon comes to Florentine’s home again and in the night he approaches Douglas.

Mimi has some strange dreams. Douglas’ ex finds out that Florentine is a robot so decides to go to court to stake her claim on the estate. Hans takes Mimi to get fixed. David’s clone says that he doesn’t know the missing code.

Mimi’s condition is getting worse, and the Engmans discover something about her past. In an attempt to destroy Florentine, Petra turns to the police and the Real Humans; Claes and Inger fight hard to save her. Jonas continues his plan to transfer his consciousness into his clone, but to succeed, Silas must help him. Jonas begins to doubt David’s clone after a disclosure from Bea.

Florentine’s future is being settled in court and Mimi, riddled with the virus, is called as a witness. Then, an unexpected person from her past appears in the courtroom. Kevin and a group of Real Human Youths decide to go to Hub Battle Land to destroy the hubots. Meanwhile, Rick, who is armed, aims to do all that he can to defend Hub Battle Land from humans. Bea gets Roger involved in the search for the code of David.