Record Seventh Bodil Award For Trine Dyrholm

Queen Of Hearts was the big winner on Saturday evening with four accolades when the 73rd Bodil Awards (Bodilprisen) were revealed during a gala ceremony at the Folketeatret in Copenhagen.

Alongside Best Supporting Actor and Best Cinematography, Queen Of Hearts was bestowed with the evening’s greatest honour of Best Film, but it was Trine Dyrholm who drew the most attention when named Best Actress for her starring role, thus extending her own Bodil record to seven wins so far.

Trine Dyrholm said with a smile: “It is rare for a film to reach such heights at both an artistic and commercial level. But it ends today. We can’t keep pondering on how amazing we were together. Now we need to head out there and meet others!”

Meanwhile, Jesper Christensen took home Best Actor for his role in Before The Frost, marking a record fifth Bodil win and his fourth as Best Actor. He said of the award: “I’m pleased with the prize… but I’m now at a rather more relaxed stage of life where victory is the nomination – the fact that someone says that you’ve done some of the best work this year.”

The highlights of the 73rd Bodil Awards are as follows…


Cutterhead directed by Rasmus Kloster Bro
Out Of Tune | De frivillige directed by Frederikke Aspöck
Queen Of Hearts | Dronningen directed by May el-Toukhy
Before The Frost | Før frosten directed by Michael Noer
Uncle | Onkel directed by Frelle Petersen


Christine Sønderris for Cutterhead
Jette Søndergaard for Onkel
Lisa Carlehed for Til vi falder
Trine Dyrholm for Dronningen
Victoria Carmen Sonne for Usynligt hjerte


Esben Smed for Ser du månen, Daniel
Jacob Lohmann for De frivillige
Jesper Christensen for Før frosten
Mohammad Ismail Mohammed for Danmarks sønner
Zaki Youssef for Danmarks sønner


Asil Mohamad Habib for Danmarks sønner
Christiane Gjellerup Koch for Ser du månen, Daniel
Clara Rosager for Før frosten
Sofie Torp for Ser du månen, Daniel
Tuva Novotny for Selvmordsturisten


Anders Matthesen for De frivillige
Gustav Lindh for Dronningen
Kresimir Mikic for Cutterhead
Magnus Krepper for Dronningen
Peter H. Tygesen for Onkel


Jesper Fink, screenwriter (Før frosten)
Louise McLaughlin, cinematographer (Harpiks)
Rasmus Kloster Bridge, director (Cutterhead)
Sofie Torp, actor (Ser du månen, Daniel)
Ulaa Salim, director (Danmarks sønner)