Report Shows Movie Earnings In Denmark Plummeted By 80%

Deloitte has studied the latest financial results of 25 film producers and found that both the largest and smallest struggle to make money, whilst medium-sized producers do better by focussing on niche markets. However, the average total profit from these 25 producers has, on average, plummeted by 80% over two years – from 86,879 million kroner in 2012 to 17,293 million kroner in 2014.

“After some years of good earnings again we see that filmmakers have declining earnings. Among the 25 largest film producers in Denmark, the majority only make very small profits, while about every fourth comes out with a loss,” says Morten Willemar of Deloitte. “Like the music industry, the film industry is challenged by the fact that consumers no longer buy DVDs.”

On a conciliatory note, out of a 12.2 million in box office receipts for 2014, 3.3 million were for Danish films, representing a market share of 27%. Indeed, half of the 10 most popular films in Denmark during 2014 were Danish, with Fasandræberne selling 764,002 tickets alone.