Returning Home Awarded NDR Prize At Lübeck

Norway took the main award at the Nordic Film Days Festival at Lübeck in Germany. Director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken accepted the NDR Film Prize, along with 12,500 Euros for his film Returning Home (On Vende Tilbake).

In Returning Home, brothers Oscar and Fredrik are everything to each other and used to doing things together. Their father, Einar, is an officer in the Norwegian army who has been in Afghanistan for a year. Their mother spends most of her days in bed. Oscar has long since taken on responsibility for his younger brother and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Then their father returns home. The mood at the dinner table is suddenly oddly peculiar – and when dawn breaks the next morning, Einar goes off to hunt reindeer. And doesn’t come back. Oscar and Fredrik decide to go track down their father. With backpacks and a tent, they range through the raw and majestic landscape at the foot of the Norwegian mountains. The gruelling search forces the two boys to see themselves and their father in a new light. The family will never be the same again.