Rig 45 – Season 1


It is two days before Christmas and Andrea Burell is called in by Benthos Oil to investigate a fall onboard an oil rig. Once aboard the rig, Andrea is met by a divided crew, all of whom seem to harbour secrets, and begins to suspect that there may be something more sinister going on.

After a second accident the crew is convinced there is a saboteur on board, but when a hurricane hits the area the crew is left stuck on the rig with no hope of escape and no help in sight. Finding out who is responsible and why will not be easy.

When a murder takes place on the rig, suspicions are confirmed that there is someone on board who has been causing the accidents – but who is the culprit? Meanwhile, the rig has been damaged and disconnected from the outside world, increasing tension between the crew members.

The rig has been damaged so severely that the crew are forced to turn off the power off in order to secure the platform while trying to find the killer. The number of victims increases as the crew work to re-establish contact with the outside world.

The remaining crew is split into two groups as everyone suspects each other of being the murderer. Tensions rise and as the crew brace themselves, waiting for help to arrive, they realise that they need to open up to each other if they are to solve the mystery.

A game of cat and mouse begins between those that remain on the rig as the hurricane slowly begins to move away from the area. But who is guilty and who will survive until a rescue team can reach them?