Rising Stars As Sprogø Girls In Department Q Finale

Clara Rosager (En-To-Tre-Nu!) and Fanny Bornedal (1864) will join the final Zentropa produced Department Q film, The Purity Of Vengeance (Journal 64), as Sprogø girls Rita and Nete when filming begins on the island in January.

The story begins with a group of construction workers who make a terrifying discovery in an old Copenhagen apartment: behind a fake wall they find three mummified corpses sitting around a dinner table with one open seat.

Detective Carl Mørck (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) and Assad (Fares Fares) investigate the apartment’s owner and find clues leading back to the infamous women’s institution on the island of Sprogø, where neglect and medicinal experiments were a common part of every day life for the ‘morally defective’ or ‘spiritually weak’ girls placed there.

The facility was not a prison, but the women there remained indefinitely, and approximately 500 girls and women were sent to Sprogø between 1923 and 1961, for an average of seven to eight years. However, some say that the experiments still go on, and Carl and Assad find themselves in a race against time to prevent yet more murders and assaults.

The Purity Of Vengeance is directed by Christoffer Boe (The Candidate) and will receive its Danish premiere in Autumn 2018. The franchise will then be taken over by Nordisk Film, who will produce up to six more films.