Rita Opens Her Own School In Season Five

Filming is now complete for season five of Rita, starring Mille Dinesen in the titular role, and this time she is opening her own little school with her friend and colleague Hjørdis (Lise Baastrup). 

Now Rita is no longer bound by state school rules and bureaucracy, so she can design her very own school from scratch and finally shape it to her own ideals. But it is not as easy as it sounds, and sparks soon begin to fly as she begins to work alongside Hjørdis.

The cast for season five will see the return of many familiar faces, including Rasmus (Carsten Bjørnlund), Rita’s son Jeppe (Nikolaj Groth), Jeppe’s father, Niels (Peter Gantzler), Helle (Ellen Hillingsø), and Hjørdis’ boyfriend Uffe (Kristoffer Fabricius).

Series writer, Marie Østerbye, said: “This season, Rita gets what Rita wants. She combines her work and private life into one big chaotic house… But Rita at full strength can also be dangerous, thinking that she can do everything and be everything to everyone at the same time… She must ask herself: “Am I good for other people, or am I really just a big mess myself?”

Rita season five, directed by Lars Kaalund, will premiere on TV2 in 2020. It is produced in collaboration with Netflix, but there has yet to be an announcement as to when it will appear on the streaming service.