Rita – Season 1


Rita is a school teacher – but she is also rude and politically incorrect. The students love her, but things are less rosey with the other teachers, parents and her own children. When her eldest son Ricco brings home his in-laws, the father-in-law turns out to be Rita’s great young love, and she begins to realise that she may not have as much of a handle on things as she thinks…

War breaks out at Rita’s school when a new student’s parents try to ban sugar. On the home front, Rita is conflicted when her mother suddenly appears after many years away. Bitten encourages Ricco to take responsibility for his life and career – but changes her mind when suddenly, Ricco’s ex-girlfried becomes a part of his life.

There is a talent show at Rita’s school, which goes against Rita’s belief that one should not lie to children. Meanwhile, Rita begins to realise that when it comes to her own children, she has begun to lie to herself. Molly also finds this out, which leads to a showdown.

Rita has an affair both with the school headmaster Rasmus and the father of a student from her class. But she realises that Jeppe also has a sex life, she becomes afraid of what that means. Elsewhere, Ricco’s has a launch party for his new store, and Rita bumps into her young love Tom again.

Rita has a student with ADHD, and when there is vandalism at the school, suspicion falls on him. Rita takes up the fight and forgets to help her own son Jeppe when he is subjected to harassment. Ricco is visited by an old childhood friend, who Bitten fears is a bad influence. She has important news for Ricco…

Ricco reveals that Bitten is pregnant, and Rita responds by insulting her, which forces Ricco to take a break from his mother. At the same time, Rita finds out that a student in her class has been trying to buy drugs, but when she confronts the pupil, Rita’s investigation takes quite an unexpected turn.

Rita is apparently unaffected by her mother’s death, which consequently affects the relationship with her own children. But a random week at school sparks an adventure that might set her back on the right track. Meanwhile, Nikolaj presses Jeppe to be more open about his sexuality and insists on walking hand in hand in public.

Ricco’s wedding is just around the corner, but times are far from idyllic. Rita is finally with Tom again, but Rasmus is also pushing, and Rita is forced to make a decision. At the same time Rosa finds out who her dad was unfaithful with and suddenly Rita is in very big trouble …