Rita – Season 2


Rita is pregnant and is about to make one of the hardest decisions of her life. Should she keep the child, but never reveal who the father is, or should she have an abortion? Meanwhile, two schools are merged and a new student forces Rita to confront her fear of intimacy and relationships.

Rita and Rasmus move in together, and Rita tries her best to behave grown-up and normal, until Rasmus plants a bed of roses in Rita’s beloved wild garden. Also, it is time for what all teachers fear most: parent-teacher meetings!

A girl in Rita’s class gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby. In an effort to convince her to have an abortion, Rita lends her own grandson to her but the plan backfires. Hjørdis becomes friends with a student, and when the boy is diagnosed with Asberger’s syndrome, Hjørdis begins to ask questions about his own childhood.

It’s sports day and Helle insists on making up rules to protect the losers from a bad experience – but Rita fights for the right to win. At the same time, the girls in Hjørdis’ class refuse to bathe and she his forced to confront her own changing room trauma!

A teacher is terrorising one of Rita’s students. Rita fights back, but the teacher uses bureaucracy as a weapon. Meanwhile, Helle has been training as a coach and insists on using “constructive communication” – something Rasmus tries too, as he wants Rita to say “I love you”.

A pupil in Rita’s class is hopelessly in love with Rita, and she tries to teach him about first love. Meanwhile, Rita’s own first love, Tom, comes back into her life. Elsewhere, Erik has big problems getting through to his class, and Jeppe ends up training to be a school teacher.

Rita and Rasmus struggle to save their relationship, but a harmless deal with a colleague has unexpected consequences. At the same time, Rita tries to teach her pupils about role models, which is not so easy when you are not the the world’s best example.

For the first time in her life, Rita is beaten. But she has to pull herself together when Erik hits a student, and Rita has to try and save an impossible situation. Rita’s son Ricco, on the other hand, is the only one who can save Mads when he announces that he does not want to see Rita again and refuses to attend his exam.