Rita – Season 3


Rita organises an election campaign between two boys in her 8th grade class, inspired by the forthcoming municipal elections. Hjørdis’ boyfriend Uffe has got a job at the school which creates conflict.

Helle hires a motivational speaker for the students. Inge is found dead in her apartment, and while Uffe takes over her class, Hjørdis arranges her funeral. Rita struggles with life alone after Jeppe moves in with boyfriend David.

The inclusion of problem child Asger creates problems as goes crazy and destroys the basement room. Hjørdis tries hard to get the second grade children to mix more with each other and so plans a meal with students and their parents, but the menu presents some challenges. And then, a man from Rita’s past walks back into her life.

Rita struggles with loneliness and ends up inviting some students to her home for food and homework. Helle finds a small box with a ring in Rasmus drawer and needs to consider whether their relationship is really ready for the next step. Jeppe and David’s relationship is on the rocks. Hjørdis thinks that her relationship with Uffe has cooled down, so she tries to spice up their sex life.

There an outbreak of head lice in Rita’s fourth grade class, and she decides to delouse them herself. Helle is evaluated by her peers after her first time running the school. Meanwhile, she discovers that there are cost cutting opportunities at the school, and Jonas is ready to take advantage of the situation. A friendship develops between the Kareem and the mayor’s son Niklas.

Hjørdis finds a bag of hash behind an old filing cabinet while she is looking for something she can bury as a time capsule with her fourth grade class. Rita struggles to solve the problem without having to involve the mayor Alice or the police. And Rita’s youngest son, Jeppe, makes a decision about his relationship with David.

Head teacher Helle becomes sick with stress, and suggests that Rita should take over as deputy. Jeppe moves back in with Rita. To ease tension at the school, Hjørdis organises a Saint Lucia march with the fourth grade. Kareem ends up in coma from a fire in the basement.

Things are falling apart at Islevgård School. Rita has agreed to step in as head teacher until Helle returns to work from stress. This gives Rita an opportunity to help the school in an unexpected manner as exams loom. Hjørdis and Uffe face a difficult decision about their relationship.