Robert Gustafsson Plays Lovesick Pastor In Colin Nutley Drama

Robert Gustafsson (The Truth Will Out) plays lovesick church pastor Henrik Wahlmark in season two of Colin Nutley’s star-studded drama Bröllop, begravning och dop (Wedding Funeral & Baptism) when it returns to C More in September.

The first season kicked off at the wedding party for Meja (Molly Nutley) and Sunny (Angelika Prick), where Meja’s mother Grace (Helena Bergström) and Sunny’s dad Samuel (Philip Zandén) had an affair that resulted in a daughter, Daisy, and devastated Samuel’s wife Michelle (Maria Lundqvist) who longed for a child.

In season two, a serious car accident leads to conflict about who is best suited to raise Daisy, while the families try to find ways to move past their infidelity, and someone receives a visit from a former love who they haven’t seen in decades. In other words, another season full of love, life and death.

Executive producer, Elin Kvist, said: “Colin Nutley is unique in the way he portrays big emotional moments in life that we are all affected by. I think that there are many who long to return to these characters’ lives and see how things are going for them in both love and sorrow.”

Season two of Bröllop, begravning och dop, written by Colin Nutley and Helena Bergström, comprises four parts and premieres 14th September on C More followed by 27th September on TV4.