Roeng – Season 1


The municipality of Roeng is struggling with depopulation and low employment, and when mayor Tom Eide finds financial irregularities in the town’s accounts, all hope seems lost. But the scandal soon turns out to have unexpected benefits.

The newly accrued billions are causing a headache for the mayor, councillor and chief economist in Roeng as they try to find a legal way of crediting the money to the municipality’s account.

Millions from currency speculation create joy among Roeng’s population, but also a great deal of work for staff at the town hall. There are further complications when mayor Tom Eide gives in to temptation and tries to cover his private expenses with the municipality’s account.

Roeng has become Norway’s richest municipality, but the personal finances of Mayor Tom Eide are a disaster. Tom needs an economic miracle and turns to the councillor’s son Benjamin for help, but he has his own problems to contend with.

Loan sharks haven’t received the money that Tom Eide owes them and they come face to face at Roeng Town Hall. However, Finance Manager Lena gets an unusual question during a Skype conference which gives Tom an idea, and help comes from unexpected quarters.

The County Governor decides to investigate the legality of Roeng’s economic operations, and the entire municipality’s administration is held to account. Mayor Tom Eide believes that he is in control of the situation until it appears that Reidun has some sensitive information about the billions accrued.

The Municipal Ministry believes that Roeng has broken its own financial regulations, and councillor Gunn must answer to Oslo. Mayor Tom Eide is willing to do anything to save the town’s billions, but is distracted by a yoga instructor who has recently moved into a neighbouring house.

The State lays claim to the billions, but Tom Eide wants Roeng to keep the money and seeks expert help from abroad.

The local government is willing to do anything to stop mayor Tom Eide’s plans for a making a political point in space. Both Tom’s ex-wife and the Road Directorate are determined to prevent him from travelling to Siberia.

The entire municipality accompanies mayor Tom Eide and cosmonaut Sergei Kalifman as they get ready to go into space. But when the autopilot breaks down, things looks bleak. Are the people of Roeng ready to save their mayor?