Roland Møller Backs Valhalla Over Jackie Chan

In August, Roland Møller will be reunited with director Fenar Ahmad (Darkland) to begin filming a live action adaptation of Peter Madsen’s Valhalla series of comic books, in which he will play Thor. However, he has revealed that a competing job offer from Jackie Chan tested his commitment to the project.

Roland Møller explained to Ritzau: “I just had to say no to a Jackie Chan movie with the largest fee that I have ever been offered because I promised to play in Valhalla.”

“I had just a couple of days to think about it. Take the money or keep my word. Now I have made my decision and we will make Valhalla… I always keep my word and people know where they stand with me.”

“If I backed out of the deal with Fenar, and I could, because we haven’t signed a contract, it would go beyond my integrity. But now I have shown that I’m not for sale… and I am quite proud of that. Because I was really tempted. Three million would have afforded me a very long rest.”