Rolf Lassgård: I Have Not Lived A Life Paved With Ladies

Rolf Lassgård, Guldbagge winner for his role in the hugely successful A Man Named Ove (En man som heter Ove) which rescued Swedish cinema in 2015, has appeared on Kristoffer Triumf’s podcast Värvet in which he talks about his relationship with women.

When asked how he feels about being a sex symbol, Rolf says: “I was very surprised when it happened – I have not really lived a life paved with ladies, but rather the opposite. I have lived a life where I heard ‘I like you but as a friend…’. That’s been my life in a nutshell.”

Rolf suggests that his allure may not be just because of his physical presence: “It may say something about women. They may look behind the person and not just think of the look. My body is not what one associates with sexiness.”

“I mean it. But it might be due to something else. Since it may have to do with my body. The advantage of being a large plant is that one need not try to be great. There is some kind of security in it.”

Rolf goes on to air his disappointment in the level of sexism in the film industry: “It’s unfair that a man’s career can take off after 40 while a woman may struggle. It is obviously very sad that it is so. What I personally like is women, not girls.”

“That must be changed somehow. Because I mean, I think that life is sexy. The life of a woman is sexier than no life at all.”

[ Listen to the podcast in full here ]