Rolf Lassgård To Join Matt Damon In Downsizing

Rolf Lassgård is to play alongside Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig and Christoph Waltz in Alexander Payne’s upcoming movie Downsizing, a social satire in which a man decides that he could have a better life if he shrunk himself.

Lassgård said to TT: “It’s absolutely amazing to be working with someone like Payne, a director who has never made a bad movie… His film About Schmidt was an inspiration to us when we did En Man Som Heter Ove.”

“I’m the scientist and right now I’m working on my science English. There are many words. It’s a terrific script, it is very entertaining whilst it is also an important story… My character appears at the beginning and the end of the story.”

Filming began in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, but production has now moved to Toronto where Lassgård will join the team in a few weeks time.

“There is a second trip there in June-July, and we shoot in northern Norway at the beginning of August,” he says.

The movie was recently embroiled in controversy when The Snowman took the lion’s share of Norway’s incentive scheme intended to increase major international film and series production in the country. Of the NOK 45 million available for 2016, The Snowman received 40.5 million and Downsizing got 4.5 million.

Downsizing is scheduled to premiere in autumn 2017.