Roy Andersson Takes About Endlessness To Venice

Roy Andersson’s reflection on the beauty and cruelty of life, About Endlessness (Om det oändliga), has been invited to compete for the Golden Lion in the main competition section of the 76th Venice International Film Festival (28 August – 7 September) where it will also receive its world premiere.

In this mosaic of stories, meaningless moments are juxtaposed against important historical events: a couple float over war-torn Cologne; a dad stops to tie his daughter’s shoes in the rain; teenage girls dance outside a cafe; while a defeated army marches towards a prisoner of war camp.

Roy Andersson said: “Venice is the world’s oldest film festival, it is a tradition that I am proud to be part of. This is my sixth feature film, I think it is the best. I wanted to emphasise the beauty of being human, of being alive, and to show it needed a contrast, by showing the ugly side. This film is about infinity from the vestiges of our existence.”

About Endlessness is Roy Andersson’s first film since 2014, when A Pigeon Sat On A Branch won the Gold Lion at Venice and was the first Swedish film to ever receive the prestigious award.