Russia Reminds Sweden That Occupied Is Work Of Fiction

In response to the Swedish premiere of Occupied (Okkupert) on SVT, the Russian Embassy has posted on Facebook a reminder to Sweden that the series is nothing more than a work of fiction, and expresses regret that Russia should be portrayed in such a negative light:

“Back in August 2015, with regards to the premiere of Occupied in Norway, the Russian Embassy in Oslo and the Foreign Office expressed their regret over the tendentious design of the film, in which Russia is shown as an aggressor.”

“Perhaps the makers of this film have forgotten that Russia has never harboured any aggressive plans towards Norway. Moreover, as everyone knows, it is the Soviet Union who heroically rescued Northern Norway from the Nazi invaders. And now Russia is not an enemy to all countries in the region, but a friend and partner.”

“We, of course, recognise that authors of works of art are free in their creative endeavours, but that does not apply to the creation of various phobias and inciting anti-Russian myths and prejudices.”

“We hope that the inquisitive and demanding Swedish audience, knowing the historical realities, will make an adequate assessment of this attempt to portray Russia as a kind of evil and dangerous neighbour.”

Filming for season two of Occupied begins this autumn, and is expected to air in autumn 2017.