Salamander – Season 1


A professional gang break into the vaults of Jonkhere Private Bank in Brussels and target 66 safety deposit boxes, stealing only certain valuables and documents. The owners of the targeted boxes are all prominent figures from the top layer of Belgian society and determined to keep their secrets, but Inspector Paul Gerardi of the Belgian Federal Police gets wind of the robbery and wonders why the crime has not been reported.

On witnessing the assassination of Urbain and hearing of the death of his informant Strubbe, Geradi now knows his suspicions of a major unreported bank robbery are correct, but he is perturbed to realise that his house is under surveillance and that his official enquiries are being thwarted.

Being pursued by unknown forces, Paul takes shelter in the monastery where his former boss Carl Cassimon has retreated, to ask for his help. Meanwhile his wife and daughter are at breaking point from constant surveillance and mysterious silent phone calls depriving them of sleep. Paul follows one of the leads on the list given to him by Robijns before Robijns’s suicide.

As Paul flees the monastery, he realises that his daughter will be targeted by the goverment agents, so hastens to her school only to find that she has already been taken. Persigal, unsure of whom to trust, meets with Jonkhere, who demands results in identifying the perpetrators of the bank raid.

Gerardi is finally persuaded by Persigal to join the elite P9 agency with instructions to discover who is behind the break in at the Jonkhere bank. The Salamander organisation suffers a minor blow with the suicide of the Minister of the Interior, but are soon lining up their forces behind Senator Guy Rasenberg to stand as his successor. Neither the group nor Rasenberg are aware that his wife is feeding Gerardi information.

Gerardi discovers that a member of the Royal family has been involved in a scandal which has been hushed up by Guy Rasenberg and the Salamander organisation. Persigal orders him to seduce Karin Rasenberg to extract more information.

Knowing that he was the intended victim of the car bomb which killed his wife, Gerardi follows the only lead he has – Karin Rasenberg who, now reconciled with her husband, prepares for his swearing in as Minister of the Interior.

Wolfs, the man behind the Jonkhere bank raid, instructs Klaus to send out envelopes of incriminating evidence to more members of Salamander, leading to resignation, disappearance and suicide, which threatens the stability of Belgium.

At an emergency meeting with the prime minister, the minister of justice is told that the palace is calling for heads to roll in the case which is paralysing the country. He is introduced to the new personal advisor to the PM, a certain Vincent Noel, the ambitious young man who is also the protege of Raymond Jonkhere.

With the struggle getting deadlier, Salamander plays its best card as Vincent Noel becomes internal security advisor to the prime minister. Persigal knows that his time is running out but manages to pass vital information to Gerardi.

Accepting the dinner invitation at the Wolfs’ house, Paul recognises a wartime photograph on display in the living room and realises that he is getting closer to discovering the reason for the break-in at the Jonkhere bank. Gil Wolfs doesn’t completely trust his daughter’s new boyfriend and asks Klaus to conduct some background checks on ‘Paul Vander Velde’.

On learning Gerardi’s true identity Wolfs holds him hostage in his mansion, but Klaus, feeling betrayed, takes matters into his own hands in a way that will have catastrophic consequences.