Saltön – Season 1


It’s summer and it’s time for the small west coast town of Saltön to receive all the summer visitors. One of them is the young widow Sara who fled the big city to work at the restaurant Little Dog. Midsummer is approaching, and life goes on as usual for the Salto-dwellers, but there seems to be something different about this particular summer.

Emily has left the tobacconist Blomgren and moved out into the woods where she is courted by the handsome guest house lodger Ragnar. Sara starts to get really curious about the older and mysterious MacFie, and Månsson’s young wife Kristina and the lovelorn Johanna are becoming better friends. Together they forge romantic plans for Johanna.

Johanna has resigned at the factory and started working in the tobacco shop where romance blooms with Blomgren. In the forest Emily is planning to celebrate a romantic midsummer with Ragnar but can she really trust him? Kristina leaves the factory owner Månsson after his tantrums and Sara seems to decide where her heart belongs. And somewhere on Saltön someone has won the Lotto!

Emily has decided to take control of her life after Ragnar’s betrayal and returns home. Blomgren is torn between her and Johanna who does not intend to give him up easily. Sara moves back to MacFie, and Månsson’s daughter takes over the factory after the owner’s sudden death. Now she has rented out the old warehouse and the upcoming lobster feast is in danger.

Sara begins to suspect who MacFie really is. Emily can not seem to decide if she wants Blomgren. What will happen at the big lobster feast?