Saltön – Season 2


When we return to Saltön the tourists have abandoned the coast and winter has taken a grip of the little archipelago community. Emily has opened a café in Gothenburg, Sara will open a health store in Saltön. The doctor and Magdalena have become a couple and Blomgren intends to travel to Africa to visit his daughter. Johanna still hopes to become the next Mrs Blomgren and the relationship between MacFie and Sara is frosty to say the least. Just before Christmas the journalist Tommy Salton arrives. His mission is to report on how a traditional Christmas is celebrated but soon he is drawn into the machinations of the island.

Winter is hard on the Saltön residents. The doctor has decided to escape to Mallorca with Magdalena, but does he have planned for their future? Kabbe’s depression is deeper than ever and he seems determined to take his own life. Blomgren returns from Africa and Johanna is working hard to trap him. All the while Christmas festivities are in full swing and journalist Tommy does his best to get to know the villagers… and there’s someone who wants to get to know him better.

Kabbe seems to have finally got on an even keel and along with Lisette Månsson he starts making grand plans for Saltön. Blomgren seeks therapy to get to grips with the end of his marriage. Emily suffers a horrible accident in her cafe but is rescued by a firefighter who awaken her desires. But just when everything is at its best, she gets a letter from her dead father, containing something extremely surprising.

The last episode sees Sara and MacFie preparing to travel to Paris. Emily does her best to decide who she wants, but it might be too late. Blomgren decides to launch his old boat, which might be a fateful decision.