Sara Hjort Ditlevsen Back For More Perfect Places

TV2 Zulu romantic drama Perfect Places (Perfekte steder), which stars Gustav Giese (Northwest) and Sara Hjort Ditlevsen (Rita) as an unlikely couple who fall in love while making other plans, will return in 2018 for a second season.

Perfect Places follows the relationship that develops between Tobias (Gustav Giese) and Rose (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen) after they meet one summer’s day. In a magic moment, a connection arises – a crush that changes them both, for good and ill.

Series writer and director Mikael Wulff said: “In the first season we worked hard to create moments that had a sense of euphoria, a contagious feeling of love… In the new season, the story is set just after they fall in love, where their passion still burns, but reality is calling. We go deeper… It will be unforgettable.”