Sara Hjort Ditlevsen Finds Love In Perfect Places

New romantic drama Perfect Places (Perfekte steder), which premieres 10th October on TV2 Zulu, follows Gustav Giese (Northwest) and Sara Hjort Ditlevsen (Rita) as an unlikely couple who fall in love while they are busy making other plans.

Written and directed by stand-up comedian Mikael Wulff, the eight-part series follows the unlikely relationship that develops between Tobias (Gustav Giese) and Rose (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen) when they meet one summer’s day in Copenhagen.

Tobias, 26, is a suit with a plan and a nice girlfriend. But the tie is starting to suffocate him, and he now longs for change. Rose, 27, works at a department store. She is charming and impulsive, but does not believe in herself. She has no boyfriend and doesn’t want one. Then, on one random Thursday they meet in the street.

The only thing they have in common is that they are both in the same place at the same time. And in a magic moment, a connection arises between the two that we follow for a few months. A crush that changes them both – for both good and ill.

Mikael Wulff says: “After many years in comedy, I wanted to create a story that has a completely different feel. Perfect Places is a romantic, intimate love story depicting an unlikely, yet unavoidable love as I imagine it to be… before life becomes about mortgages and picking up the kids.”

“If you don’t feel like watching this series, you have become old and lost your lust for life. It’s that simple.”