Season Two Of Ack Värmland Begins Filming In April

Season two of Ack Värmland is to begin recording in April, and Ida Hallquist, who made her acting debut as Mia Skäringer’s daughter in the series, says that things look good: “The script is not finished, but we’ve got an idea of how the story will play out. Everything feels great… it is at least as good as season one.”

Ack Värmland (international title Small Town Love) stars Mia Skäringer and Ida Hallquist as a working class mother and her daughter who become pregnant at the same time by their deadbeat boyfriends and have to share a tiny house. It chronicles how the relentlessly positive Annette and her super sarcastic daughter Fanny and their less-than-stellar baby daddies get by.

When it first aired on TV4 in March 2015, the ten part comedy series opened with 1.9 million viewers and averaged 1,639,600 viewers, and has since been picked up by ABC for a US remake. The US pilot is written by Trophy Wife creators Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins. The director of the original show, Ulf Malmros, will co-produce.