Season Two Of Thicker Than Water To Premiere In 2016

Filming of a second season of SVT drama Thicker Than Water (Tjockare än Vatten) officially began in March, although some scenes were shot early to capitalise on the winter weather.

In the first season of Thicker Than Water, siblings Lasse, Oscar and Jonna inherited their mother’s guest house on the condition that they run it together for a whole summer. As season two begins Christmas has arrived and bitter memories return to the surface.

Director Erik Leijonborg said in an interview with Expressen:

“We have jumped the gun a little with the recordings to catch the snow. There has been a race against the clock. Yesterday we did a major storm scene which opens the season and foils the siblings’ plans. So the work has already begun.”

Aliette Opheim, who plays Jonna, said: “The siblings are reunited again for different reasons, and are forced together again. Now it is the winter season, and the environment helps to make it more barren – but the story also becomes quite dark. It will be a very exciting season.”

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Season Two of Thicker Than Water will premiere on SVT in 2016, whilst More4 plays host to the UK premiere of season one on Thursday 3rd March 2016.