Secret Enemies | Ratamo – Season 1


When the driver for the Ministry of the Interior is murdered, Supo and the KRP form a joint investigation task force. Secret information has been lost and the Prime Minister is suspected of being the source of the leak.

The police investigate the car that followed the Prime Minister the night before the accident. Russian oligarch Akulov meets with Minister Tiainen and offers help in managing relations between Finland and Russia.

Finland gets a new Prime Minister. Ratamo’s theory is confirmed and the police discover an important connection. Burov escapes from Berlin and arrives in Finland.

The police have the name of the suspect, but they still have no evidence. Ratamo interrogates a guest who has turned up at Supo, and politicians in both Finland and Russia are nervous about the progress of the investigation.

Relations between Finland and Russia are becoming tense. The FSB contact Akulov to request assistance. Burov is in hiding and new details are emerging. Linden gets an anonymous tip.

Dissatisfied with the situation, Russian Ambassador Radulov arrives to address the Prime Minister. With the help of the CIA, the police are finally making an important breakthrough in their investigation.

Police investigate the background of their new suspect. Ratamo has a plan, but Linden is cautious about the idea. Nelli is worried about her father’s well being. An important trade project for Akulov is in danger of collapsing.

The political situation between Russia and Finland becomes even more tense when a fatal attack takes place in Helsinki. Linden listens to Nickula. The identity of the woman who survived the crash is revealed.

The threat of war is increasing. Supo and KRP have obtained conclusive evidence, but the suspect is missing. An unexpected statement causes police to consider the investigation in a new light.

The final blow of a fatal plan is being prepared. Ratamo and Linden are in a race against time. Can anything stop the Russian military?